Planning and Zoning Boards

Planning and Zoning Boards

The Planning Board reviews applications submitted for subdivisions and site plans. In approving the site development plan for any particular use, the Planning Board shall give specific consideration to the design of the following: traffic access, circulation, parking, landscaping, screening, utilities and the overall character and appearance of the proposed use. The following applications appear before the Planning Board:

  • Minor sub-division (less than 3 lots)
  • Major sub-division (3 lots or more)
  • Site Plan review
  • Special Use permits
  • Sign Permit review
  • Architectural review

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) reviews the applications requesting area and use variances. They may also grant special permits for uses authorized in our Village Zoning Code. Where it is determined that an area variance or use variance shall be granted, the variance shall be the minimum variance deemed necessary and adequate to afford the applicant the relief required and, at the same time, to protect the character of the neighborhood and the health, safety and welfare of the community. The following applications can be heard by the ZBA:

  • Applications for Building Permits that are denied
  • Variance request(s) on a property
  • Area Variance – structure(s) that exist and do not meet use regulations for zone and/or need improvements
  • Appeals of Building Inspector decisions or violations received by the Inspector

The meeting schedule for the Workshops, Zoning Baord of Appelas and Planning Board meetings can be found on the Village's meeting calendar.

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