Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) required the Village to implement the provisions of the federal Clean Water Act related to storm water. The Department of Environmental Conservation issued to the Village a SPDES permit that requires the Village to satisfy and comply with the federal/state regulations related to storm water discharge into the waters of the state.

NYSDEC has issued these requirements, under the State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (SPDES), to all the Villages and Towns in Rockland County. Each municipality must conform to these new regulations, issued in 2004, and were given a 5-year time period to implement the program. As of 2009, there are over 500 communities and entities that are regulated MS4s within New York State. The Village of West Haverstraw was given a SPDES permit and designated as a “MS4” permittee, under the statewide SPDES General Permit. MS4 is EPA shorthand for Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System. This is a mandated state program, unfunded by NYS to date.

The Village storm sewer system collects, conveys and discharges rainfall runoff from all the lands within the Village into our local streams and lakes, or “waters of the state”. There are not any sanitary waste water discharges permitted in this separate storm water system.

The Village stormwater sewer system (as contrasted with the sanitary sewer system) is essentially our roadways, consisting of curbs, streets, catch basins, drainage pipes and drainage ditches. Rainwater deposited throughout the Village, during storm events, on the various impervious surfaces (such as blacktop, residential roofs, concrete sidewalks, etc.), is collected and conveyed to our streams, lakes and rivers. When the runoff flows over the ground, variuos impurities on the impervious areas are transported with the rainwater flow. These impurities deleteriously impact the biological life in the waters. Our common goal is to keep the waters clean and free of these impurities.

Under this permit, there are six minimum control measures that are required. The publication of this information responds directly to public education and outreach component, i.e. provide educational and information opportunities to the public to understand the impacts from stormwater flow, how to improve stormwater quality and continue our efforts towards clean waters. This brief description, together with the Village’s annual contract with Cornell Cooperative, is the village response to this required control measure.


An illicit discharge is an illegal discharge, connection, or tie-in to a storm sewer. This discharge carries pollutants into the storm water systems and to streams and lakes from these systems without proper treatment. The pollutants in these discharges can cause odors, public health concerns, and harm aquatic life.

If you feel that an illicit discharge has occurred, please report the illicit discharge to the Village of West Haverstraw Department of Public Works. You may either contact them directly at 845-429-4460 or complete the report form and return it to the DPW.
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